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(Basic Wine Knowledge)

Wine.... You love it but you do not understand it?

We’ve got you covered. At Zeus Trading's Basic Wine Knowledge sessions, we will share with you, not only, tips but you will learn to discover your palate and launch your long and tasty journey to understanding wine.

The aim of the event is to introduce basic concepts of wine culture and give advice that can help in recognizing and buying wine bottles. The event is divided into 2 parts, a theoretical part covering topics such as the historical importance of grapes, the economic impact, and the science of wine production, and a practical part where the acquired knowledge is applied in a blind tasting: All participants learn to recognize the production method used even before they know what wine it is. The final part explains how to apply what they have learned to make a good pairing with food. We also offer a 30-minute wine trading talk before the basic wine knowledge starts, so you can learn more about wine and how to trade in it.

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Terms & Conditions :

  1. To avoid last-minute cancellations, a minimal REFUNDABLE deposit will be required. The refund will be done via PayNow. 

  2. Cancellations must be made 1 day prior to the date of the event. This can be done via phone or email sent to

For Affiliate Partners.

  1. A $10 REFUNDABLE deposit is required to avoid last-minute cancellations


For Public.

  1. A $30 REFUNDABLE deposit is required to avoid last-minute cancellations.


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